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Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Share How To Choose A Tap - Carbonminds

Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Share How To Choose A Tap

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asked Sep 16, 2019 in Others by afastainlesskb (2,310 points)

Although the faucet is small in size, its position in the home can be described as very important. Any family can use water every day, and always have frequent intimate contact with small faucets. Then you should pay great attention when purchasing the water dragon at first, try to buy a faucet that is of good quality and style. Specifically, let's take a look at the kitchen faucets manufacturers .

1. Type of faucet: The faucet is a switch for indoor water source. It is responsible for controlling and regulating the flow of water. It is an essential material for every family. The faucet is divided into a gasket type and a non-washer type from the internal structure. The gasket type is a traditional old product, which is divided into two types of single handle and double handle from the appearance; the rotary form and the lift type are divided from the use form. There are two types, which are divided into cast iron, steel, stainless steel, etc. from the constituent materials. Stainless steel faucets have many surface treatment methods, such as imitation gold, gold plating, imitation copper, imitation bronze, etc. The family can choose according to different decorative styles and needs. After the home decoration, the original old faucets are generally updated. The traditional washer-type faucets have been rarely used in home decoration, mainly selecting stainless steel faucets.

2. Selection range of faucet: use faucet? If it is a single water supply, you should choose a faucet for the water inlet. If it is a cold or hot water supply, the faucet of one inlet cannot be used. If you use it regularly with oil and soap, you should not choose a rotary faucet. It is more convenient to choose a lift faucet. If you need to quickly adjust the temperature and flow of water, it is not advisable to use a double-handle faucet, preferably a single-handle. If it is necessary to change the position of the water, it is not advisable to use a fixed faucet instead of a mobile one. Therefore, the faucet should be correctly selected according to the requirements of water source and use. The lift-type hot and cold water mixing faucet has a large scope of application. When the accurate use mode is not well determined, the faucet can be selected.

3. Maintenance of the faucet: The gasket type faucet often leaks. The main reason is that the gasket has a gap with the pedestal, and most of the gasket is damaged. Remove the faucet handwheel during repair and replace it with a new one that will be ready for use after the wheel has been installed.

Non-washer faucets are not easily damaged. If repairs are needed, use a wrench to turn the stem nut out, remove the internal assembly, and go to the store to purchase a new set of components that can be used when installed.


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