Of . and respectively (Fig.). A worth of . has been identified as

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To decide no matter whether atmospheric situations were within the anticipated variability or exceptional for the offered data record periods, we advise customers to operate with complementary information such asSCIENTIFIC Data:DOI: .sdatawww.nature.comsdataFigure . Monodisperse CCN data high quality check for MEL, NOT and PUY (a), (b) and (c), respectively. <a href="http://wiki.bulletsandmorevr.com/index.php?title=Ional_techniques_are_found_to_one_degree_or_one_more_in_most">Title Loaded From File</a> Correct panels: scatter plots for CCN number concentration at a certain supersaturation versus the integrated particle number from size distribution measurements higher than the indicated diameter in the subscript (in nm). The black line denotes the : line and the dashed black lines indicate the range of expected uncertainty from particle counting.Of  . and  respectively (Fig.). A worth of . has been identified as a global typical for continental and urban particles, although numerous other studies located kappa to be around  and in some cases as low as  in urban environments with fresh emissions. For Seoul, a low kappa value of . seems realistic because the corresponding size cutoff yields the most beneficial correlation amongst the datasets along with the slope from the linear fit is closest towards the : line within the tested variety, indicating that the activation diameter is nearnm. The width of the interquartile variety is comparable to these of other stations with polydisperse measurements, indicating that the instruments ran reliably.Aerosol chemical composition For all QACSM data the uncertainty in figuring out the total nonrefractory submicrometer mass is, though for the person chemical components it is for nitrate, for sulfate, for ammonium and for organic matter. Chloride concentrations had been mostly near the detection limit and will not be reported except for MHD, CES and FIK. For CES, correlation of chloride from the QACSM to a reference instrument is, on the other hand, low with R. (ref.). At FIK, QACSM concentrations for particulate sulfate and ammonium were compared to collocated PM filter measurements and deviated on averageand, respectively. Particulate organics concentrations deviated on average from filter based measurements. The ToFACSM information at Jungfraujoch represents most of the time with the total submicrometer particle mass derived from the SMPS information. At MHD, the HRToFAMS mass concentrations of nonsea salt sulfate, ammonium and nitrate were compared against external datasets and showed excellent agreement.Usage NotesThe standardized NetCDF format permits for immediately loading the information into software program generally utilized in the atmospheric science community like the freely out there software `R'. For far more details around the format and how to access NetCDF data see http:www.unidata.ucar.edusoftwarenetcdf. The files are selfexplanatory as they contain all metadata and data. The time series on the variables are designed such that they could be employed without having further processing.   To derive the particle quantity concentrations from the size distributions, the area in the curve of dNdlog(D) versus the bin diameter has to be integrated taking the logarithm (log) from the bin spacing into account: Z Dmax dN d log D N tot Dmin dlog D With Ntottotal particle number concentration, dNnumber of particles per size bin, Dbin diameter. Total number concentration information is provided so customers can double verify their integration techniques. According to the particular goal, the data may also be treated with a selection of statistical analysis strategies. Nonetheless, customers should take into account the uncertainties discussed inside the `Technical Validation' section.

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