Why Does China Stainless Steel Sink Also Have Rust Spots?

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asked Jun 4, 2019 in Java by afastainlesskb (1,710 points)

Everyone is very dedicated to the decoration of their own furniture, each piece of furniture is carefully selected by the shop. But after using it for a while, some people suddenly found that the stainless steel sink they bought had rust spots, which made them very distressed. China Stainless Steel Sink What should I do with rust? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian!

1, toothpaste
The best way to remove rust is the necessities in this life - toothpaste. First wet the place with rust with water, then squeeze out the toothpaste and gently scrub with a soft cloth, then rinse with water, repeat several times until the rust is removed, try Bailing!

2, white vinegar
Allow white vinegar to cover the rust area evenly. It can be used together with salt. Because white vinegar contains acetic acid, rust and acetic acid will react.

3, stainless steel cleaner
Stainless steel cleaner is mainly used for cleaning stainless steel, pot bottom, range hood, tile stains, etc. There are many online sales, cabbage prices, easy to use and cheap, easy to remove rust.

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