China Stainless Steel Sink Bottom Taste Can Be Easily Removed With Rice Vinegar

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asked Jun 18, 2019 in Java by afastainlesskb (1,710 points)

In the kitchen, the sink is indispensable, so you need to pay attention when choosing the sink. It is best to choose the bottom of the sink because these coatings can effectively block the noise, but in many cases, it may When the bottom coating of China Stainless Steel Sink tastes a bit heavy, how can we effectively remove the coating on the bottom of the sink?

1. The most effective way to remove is to use orange peel, Wendan skin, grapefruit skin, used tea leaves to be put into a gauze bag, put into the kitchen, you can get rid of the kitchen smell.

2. You can directly pour the rice vinegar into the water pipe of the sink, let it sit for half a day, then rinse it with water. Or use three tablespoons of salt into a half bowl of water, mix and pour.

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