The Thickness Of China Stainless Steel Sink Is Moderate

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When designing the depth of the sink, China Stainless Steel Sink should conduct a corresponding investigation to set the depth of the kitchen sink suitable for Chinese people. Therefore, the survey of the Chinese people shows that the 220mm ultra-deep water tank is vertically divided, the R10 gold radius, and the larger the sink space. It is more suitable for Chinese families.

There is of course a way to decide from the size of the countertop:

1. The reasonable width of the sink is generally 430--480MM.
2. The depth of the sink is more than 180MM, which is suitable for preventing splashing of water.
3. The thickness of the sink should be moderate, with 0.8~1.0MM as the appropriate, too thin to affect the strength of the sink, too thick to affect the washing effect.


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