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Question 46. Maize is best stored against insect attack<br />(A) on raised platform<br />(B) in fumigated silos<br />  (C) while still on the cob<br />(D) in humid metal tanks<br /><br />Question 47. Circulation of blood to all parts of the body excepts the lungs is through<br />(A) the pulmonary artery<br />(B) Systemic circulation<br />(C) The lymphatic system<br />(D) Pulmonary circulation<br /><br />Question 48. Manufactured food in the plants is transported through the<br />(A) xylem<br />(B) phloem<br />(C) cambium<br />(D) cortex<br /><br />Question 49. The genetic make- up of an organism is called<br />(A) <a href="">["Post Utme Past Questions For Unilag</a> genotype<br />(B) phenotype<br />(C) variation<br />(D) gene<br /><br />Question 50. A sudden change in a gene or genes is called<br />(A) fertilization<br />(B) variation<br />(C) mutation<br />(D) heredity<br /><br /><br />More schools available at

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