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<a href="">30]]["c post utme past question"</a> Question 31. The rhesus factor of blood was first identified in a category of<br />(A) Monkeys<br />(B) Human females<br />(C) Human males<br />(D) Chimpanzees<br /><br />Question 32. The division of the nucleus is known as<br />(A) karyokinesis<br />(B) cytokinesis<br />(C) isogamy<br />(D) isonomy<br /><br />Question 33. In the mammal, the autonomic system consists of<br />(A) sympathetic and parasympathetic systems<br />(B) brain and spinal nerves<br />(C) brain and cranial nerves<br />(D) spinal cord and spinal nerves<br /><br />Question 34. The reproduction of the cell is controlled by which of the following:<br />(A) RNA<br />(B) DNA<br />(C) mRNA<br />(D) Mitosis<br /><br />Question 35. The order of food passage in the digestive system is<br />(A) Ileum-Cecum-Colon-Rectum<br />(B) Ileum-Colon-Cecum-Rectum<br />(C) Colon-Ileum-Cecum-Rectum<br />(D) Colon-Cecum-Ileum-Rectum<br /><br />Question 36. In plants, the structures that play roles similar to the arteries and veins of animals are the<br />(A) Xylem and Phloem<br />(B) Root hairs and xylem<br />(C) Lenticels and phloem<br />(D) roots and stems<br /><br />Question 37. Two plants with red flowers were backcrossed, which of the following results indicates that<br />the plants are heterozygous red flower, where red flowers are dominants?<br />(A) 75%red and 25% white<br />(B) 50% red and 50%   white<br />(C) 100% white<br />(D) 100% red<br /><br />Question 38. Genetically modified food products have not become universally accepted because<br />(A) they are not tasty as others produced by conventional means<br />(B) they are usually costlier than others produced by conventional means<br />(C) their effect on human consumers is not yet fully understood<br />(D) the technology can be applied only in developed countries<br /><br />More available at

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