Arrest Records

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<img src="" width="400" /><br /><br />Because of the many crimes that are being reported in every state, arrest records are opened to the general public. This was done for the people's awareness and protection. The Internet is being utilized in order to <a href="">Free Public Arrest Records</a> provide this record to the public.<br /><br />Unfortunately, the result of an online arrest record search may not be as detailed as the one obtained from the office itself. This was done with the limitations imposed by the privacy laws of the country. One can find the current residence address of an individual on an on-site search but not in an online search. Both methods can provide information about the crimes that were committed by the individual but only the onsite search can provide the information about the charges and sentence given to the individual. Additional details about the arrest of an individual can only be found when the search is done at the office itself. Furthermore, the result of an online search may not indicate any minor or Class C offenses such as traffic violations.<br /><br />Arrest records are used in a number of ways. One of the common reasons is to run a background check on an individual. Employers would use the arrest record of an individual to check out the criminal record of the people they hire. Private investigators also use such documents in their investigation. It can even be used as evidence and can be presented in court. In rare cases, it becomes the solution to an investigation.<br /><br />Searching for the record itself may not have a charge associated with it but because of the services and materials used to obtain the record certain fees needs to be paid. The fees would cover the paper and materials used as well as the special computer applications and the employee's   labor. It takes up to 10 days to obtain a copy of the arrest files of an individual. To make the search easier and accurate, the requesting party has to know the crime committed by individual. Also, the personal details of the one who request for the file has to be indicated on the request form. This is used for documentation purposes.<br /><br />To get an accurate arrest record, the best thing to do is to go to the county courthouse. There are times that there are no arrest files are found for the individual thus looking up police blotter reports may be necessary. The Internet is the fastest method to get information about the arrest of an individual.<br /><br /><a href="">Free Public Police Records</a> public state arrest records obtained from the Internet may not guarantee complete information as mentioned above. The information obtained from the internet is usually used in employment background check. Using the Internet is the choice of many because it is faster and convenient.

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