Abu Zaria Post Utme Past Questions

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2020/2021 Post UTME Past questions and Answers<br /><br />Question 1. The muscle cell fluid of an athlete was tested immediately after a 100m race and was found to contain a high concentration of lactic acid. Explain what could have caused this.<br />(A) the athlete must have eaten food containing a lactic acid<br />(B) the athlete must have injected lactic acid into his blood just before the race<br />(C) the athlete must have carried out anaerobic respiration during the race<br />(D) the athlete must have inhaled lactic acid from the environment during the race.<br /><br />Question 2. One of this is not a continuous variation<br />(A) height<br />(B) weight<br />(C) tongue rolling<br />(D) skin colour<br /><br />Question 3. One of the following is usually worm-like, cylindrical or flattened<br />(A) molluscs<br />(B) insects<br />(C) nematodes<br />(D) annelids<br /><br />Question 4. The roots hairs are<br />(A) strength and support<br />(B) conducting liquid<br />(C) absorption of water and salt<br />(D) penetration into the soil<br /><br />Question 5. The random way genes recombine during meiosis and fertilization leads to<br />(A) genetic variation<br />(B) phenotype<br />(C) genome<br />(D) genotype<br /><br />Question 6. In a cell, the genes are carried by<br />(A) Nuclear membrane<br />(B) Chromatin threads<br />(C) lysosomes<br />(D) Mitochondria<br /><br />Question 7. An ecosystem is composed of all of the following except:<br />(A) Plants<br />(B) Animals<br />(C) Temperature<br />(D) Meadows<br /><br />Question 8. In a food web, tertiary consumers belong to which trophic level<br />(A) First<br />(B) <a href="https://examkits.com">[]</a> Second<br />(C) Third<br />(D) Fourth<br /><br />Question 9. The primary   structure responsible for pumping blood for circulation through the mammalian<br />circulatory systems are the<br />(A) Veins<br />(B) Right auricle<br />(C) Arteries<br />(D) Left ventricle<br /><br />Question 10. The cocoon into which an earthworm lays its egg is produced in the<br />(A) prostomium<br />(B) peristomium<br />(C) chaeta<br />(D) clitellum<br /><br />Question 11. Daughters receive their X-chromosome from their ___<br />(A) father<br />(B) mother<br />(C) relative<br />(D) siblings<br /><br />More available on www.examkits.com

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