Single Family HVAC Inspector MN

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Did you know that a newly constructed house needs a residential inspection performed on behalf of the home buyer? Even buyers of older homes often forget to have a home inspection or even know they can require a home inspector as a part of the pre-purchase process. Failing to have the inspection performed can relieve the seller from liability with any needed repairs, and leave you holding the money pit.<br /><br />Did you know that a house inspection from a professional will usually consist of over 2500 different items being looked at.  It is our job to completely evaluated almost all systems of the house from the roof all the way to the basement or crawlspace.  Certified home inspectors have demonstrated their ability to locate structural issues, HVAC problems, plumbing and electrical issues, and even issues outside of the home that may have been missed even by the local building inspector. The cost of a home inspection is very low compared to the cost of almost any missed repair issues. <br /><br />In areas like the humid Atlanta region there are issues such as water leaks, black mold, HVAC condensation, and leaching that may not be applicable in other areas. In fact each area of Georgia is different so if buying a home in North Georgia it is important to work with a reliable residential inspection specialist who has experience in the North Georgia area. After all, would an inspector from South of Atlanta know how to look for roof damage caused by snow on a home in Ball Ground?   Not likely. Keep it local and find a home inspector to provide a home inspection on your next house or investment property.  Every area has it's own set of issues related to the climate alone. <br /><br />David Lelak is the owner/home inspector for IHI Home Inspections in Atlanta, GA. He is a Certified Atlanta home inspector, a member of Nachi and has been in the residential construction industry for over 20 years. My job is to protect one of the biggest investments you might ever make. So when I do a home inspection I inspect the property as if I were purchasing it for me and my family. Your families safety is my biggest concern and I want customers for life. Visit my website today at

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