Elevator Manufacturer Decrypts Why Frequent Elevator Accidents

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Every day, relying on elevators to work and live in high-rise buildings, however, elevators often have weightlessness, topping, jamming, and people, and the citizens who have experienced the elevators are even causing high-rise phobias. The following afa Elevator Manufacturer share the fault and wait for the rescue to be the safest.

There are three main reasons why a maintenance worker has a frequent accident:
First, the elevator often transports debris, causing the sensing system to be insensitive;
Second, the use is too frequent and there is no timely maintenance;
Third, the elevator is handed over to the layman for maintenance, and the maintenance is obviously insufficient.

The help-seeking method must be appropriate. Some citizens will violently kick the elevator doors and destroy the rescue monitoring equipment when they experience the "elevator". These are not conducive to the dilemma. An elevator production company manager said that there is no need to worry about suffocating in the elevator. Because the elevator is not sealed, even if there is no ventilation window at the top, there are air holes at the junction of the top, bottom and metal walls. Secondly, there is lighting reserve in the elevator. When the external network is powered off, the emergency light will automatically light up and last for two hours. More importantly, do not jump or hit the elevator. The elevator control system has a double insurance program to ensure that the elevator is opened to the floor halfway. The elevator doors on the car door and the floor are absolutely not open. In addition, there are on the outer rails of the elevator car. Safety gear, hold the stopped elevator cage tightly. Therefore, after the elevator has an abnormality, it is safest to wait for help in the inside.

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