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What Are The Identification Methods Of Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucet - Carbonminds

What Are The Identification Methods Of Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucet

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asked Dec 20, 2018 in Others by afastainlesskb (2,310 points)

When buying Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucet , we should not only choose the taps with the excellent brand, quality, and style but also distinguish the authenticity of famous brand products. At present, the leaders of foreign brands in the market are mixed, and it is best to buy from the factory's direct selling stores.

The tap is generally identified by " on, off, weigh in hand and touch". A good tap is heavier than other products of the same volume because it is made of better copper. A good tap usually selects a better valve core, so the " on and off" feel is smooth and there is no blocking feeling. A good faucet adopts advanced casting and electroplating technology, so the wall thickness is reasonable and uniform from the back of the faucet, and the coating is smooth and smooth from the front. Style, depending on personal preference, should be consistent with toilet decoration style and matching sanitary ware style.

Attention should be paid to the selection of taps and accessories:

1. when buying, visual inspection faucet electroplating surface should be uniform luster, must pay attention to the presence of peeling, cracking, burning, peeling, black spots and pitting defects; The sprayed surface should be well organized, smooth and even, and attention should be paid to whether there are defects such as hanging flow and exposed bottom. The above defects will directly affect the service life of the faucet.

2. basin, sink utensils usually have a single hole, double hole, three holes. Hole spacing is 100mm, 150mm, 200mm. Therefore, the first thing to pay attention to when choosing a faucet is to match the specifications and structural dimensions of the sanitary ware.

3. The pipe thread on the tap with thread precision is connected with the connecting hose or pipe parts. When purchasing, a visual inspection shall be made on the surface of the thread for obvious defects such as dents and broken teeth. Special attention shall be paid to the effective length of the pipe thread and the connecting parts, which will affect the reliability of the seal. Pay attention to the effective length of the pipe thread when purchasing.

4. enhance environmental awareness, strengthen health protection faucet is one of the green environmental protection products, drinking water entering the human body through the faucet is directly related to health. Therefore, when purchasing products, we should understand the materials used in direct contact with water and should not cause pollution to water quality.

5. It is very important to choose a faucet with good sealing performance and long service life. Imagine if the purchased faucet is " off without brake" and leaking or leaking soon after use is a very troublesome matter.

6. The biggest difference between the ceramic valve core sealed faucet and the traditional faucet on the market at present lies in its good sealing performance and long service life. Its service life index of 200,000 times is four times that of a common spiral lifting rubber seal faucet.

7. The water inlet connection hose should be purchased with a good brand and genuine water inlet hose. Do not choose inferior hose as the water inlet hose. The quality of hose can be identified by locking nut, metal braided wire and other components.

8, poor quality lock nut, with zinc alloy material filling copper alloy, cut corners

9. Wearable braided pipe. The aluminum wire braided pipe is filled with stainless steel wire metal braided pipe, and the clamps are made of thin copper skin filled with stainless steel sheet. Poor quality water inlet hose and angle valve or faucet are screwed and tightened, which will easily cause cracking and leakage of water.

10. Beware of the " three noes" product standard, which stipulates that the product must have the manufacturer's name and address. For those who do not have a factory name, a factory address or a factory name, there is no factory address


information about Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucet : https://www.afastainlesskb.com/product/stainless-steel-faucet/bathroom-faucet/

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