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Elevators are common tools for convenient living. Today's coverage is very high. So when you take the elevator, do you really know which behaviors are correct and which behaviors are wrong? Let's look at the Fuji Elevator Manufacturer . See how to ride the elevator correctly:

1. Cherish life, be careful of the elevator door
The accident associated with the elevator door actually accounts for about 80% of the straight ladder accident rate. This is because the door lock switch of the elevator is frequent and the aging is very fast. Some people like to rest on the door for a temporary rest, some people will tap the door, and many people like to use their hands or feet to stop the door when the elevator door is closed. These are dangerous actions. The actions of leaning, tapping, pushing, striking, kicking, and slamming will affect the opening of the elevator door or leave the hoistway because the door is mistakenly opened. When the elevator door is to be closed, it is blocked by hand or hard, and there is a situation in which a person is pinched or even pinched.

2. Don't madly press the up and down buttons when waiting for the elevator
When waiting for the elevator, many people always press the up or down button repeatedly. It is not known that repeatedly pressing the button will cause the elevator to stop by mistake, which may cause the button to malfunction.

3. Please tell the manager if the coins, peels, etc. fall.
During the elevator stop, sometimes coins, peels, and other things fall into the gap between the elevator door and the hoistway, and the elevator professional should be informed immediately to assist in the handling. Some people even sweep the rubbish into the well when sweeping the ground, which is even more unacceptable.

4. Do not take the elevator in the following situations.
a. The elevator has an abnormal sound, which indicates that the elevator may have safety problems.
b. I have a fire.
c. Thunderstorm days, if there is no urgent matter, it is best not to take the elevator. Because the elevator room is usually at the top of the building, it is easy to attract lightning.

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