Elevator Manufacturer Share Why Elevator Accidents Are High

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Elevator Manufacturer share the causes of elevator accidents and their elevator accident characteristics:

First, the cause of the elevator accident
1. The topping or bottoming accident is generally caused by the failure of the brake of the elevator. The brake is a very important part of the elevator. If the brake fails or there is a hidden danger, the elevator will be out of control.

2. The main reason for the elevator door system accident is that the door lock works frequently and the aging speed is fast, which is easy to cause the door lock mechanical or electrical protection device to be unreliable.

3. Elevator maintenance and repair units or personnel do not strictly implement the principle of “safety-based, pre-inspection and pre-repair, planned maintenance”.

Second, the characteristics of elevator accidents
1. There are many personal injury accidents in elevator accidents, and elevator operators and maintenance workers account for a large proportion of casualties.

2. The accident rate of the elevator door system is high, because each operation process of the elevator has to go through the door opening process twice, and the door closing action process is twice, so that the door lock works frequently, and the aging speed is fast, and it lasts for a long time. The mechanical or electrical protection of the door lock is not reliable.

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