Fuji Elevator Manufacturer Summed Up "Four Major Questions About Elevator Failure"

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Nowadays, high-rise buildings abound, and the elevator failures that followed are even more strange. The phenomenon of trapped elevators has occurred from time to time. Today, Fuji Elevator Manufacturer have summarized the "four major questions about elevator failure", hoping to give high-rise residents Friends bring help!

1. Will the elevator failure fall?
Firefighters say that normal-use elevators generally do not fall, and the bottom of the elevator usually has a safety anti-drop device so that the elevator does not fall. In the event of a power outage, the safety device will not malfunction, so the elevator will not slip out of the elevator trough. Forcing the door during operation, jumping in the elevator, and overloading are the three main causes of accidents in the elevator. In fact, it has been verified by experts that forcing the door and jumping in the elevator will not directly cause the elevator to fall, but it will cause the normal operation of the elevator to take emergency measures suddenly. The emergency stop will cause the elevator door to be locked and cannot be opened; The load is the direct cause of the elevator falling.

2, will be suffocated in the trapped elevator?
In a narrow elevator, many passengers are worried about suffocation if they are trapped for a long time. Firefighters said that the elevators currently in use must meet the ventilation requirements before they can be put on the market. An elevator has a vent, not a seal. In addition, even if the elevator is powered off, the ventilator has a backup power source. There are also many moving parts in the elevator. Some connected locations, such as the junction between the elevator car wall and the elevator car top, have gaps, which are generally enough for everyone to breathe.

3. Can passengers forcibly open the door when the elevator is trapped?
The firefighters also reminded everyone that there is no danger that the elevator does not fall. If the passenger forcibly opens the elevator door, it will not only cause the elevator to be unnaturally de-energized but also increase the abnormal wear of the elevator steel cable and brakes. The effect of emergency braking of brakes and other equipment, there is a hidden danger. In fact, the root cause of the elevator falling is the long-term friction loss or man-made damage. Therefore, the elevator needs to be maintained once every 15 days. When taking the elevator, we should also pay attention to whether the riding tools are detected on time. Is there an insecurity factor?

4. How is the safest trapped elevator safe?
"Keep calm, just to get help and get help and rescue as soon as possible." Firefighters said that there are emergency calls or intercom systems in the elevator, you can get in touch with the outside world in time, and press the alarm bell on the target. Most elevators cover the mobile phone signal. People trapped can call the “Elevator Maintenance Phone” or “Urgent Repair Phone” on the safety inspection qualified sign to ask for help from professional elevator maintenance personnel. You can also call 119 or 110 alarm calls. Ask the firefighters or the police for help. In addition, you can also use the hand to shoot the door to tap to send a distress signal.

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