Guanfeng Food Machinery Manufacturer Introduces A Wide Range Of Vacuum Packaging Machines

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Vacuum packaging machines are widely used in our daily life and are a wide range of mechanical products. In the food, medical, mechanical, chemical and other industries, the vacuum packaging machine cannot be separated. Small vacuum packaging machines, manufacturers have not arranged professional after-sales personnel to the site for installation and commissioning. First, because the installation is very simple, and second, the equipment has been debugged according to the customer's product requirements before leaving the factory. Below, the manufacturer of Guanfeng Food Machinery will show you how to install the vacuum packaging machine yourself, so that you can relieve your worries.

First, the customer must check whether the equipment has a collision before receiving the equipment and whether the accessories are complete. If you have any questions, please communicate with the manufacturer in time.

2. Open the top cover of the package and remove the wooden boards around the package.

3. Remove the protective film from the outside of the main body of the packaging machine and move the packaging machine to a flat surface.

4. Plug the equipped power plug into the corresponding jack. It is important to know the power supply of the vacuum packaging machine purchased.

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