Guanfeng Food Machinery Company Tells You How To Use Dry Sterilization Equipment

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Food drying and sterilization equipment saves energy. Traditional heat sterilization typically has heat losses in the environment and equipment, while microwaves directly process objects, so there is no additional heat loss. In addition, the conversion efficiency of its electrical energy into microwave energy is 70-80%, and the power is 30-50%. Easy to control, ready to use, no need for thermal inertia of conventional heat sterilization, flexible and convenient operation, microwave power can be continuously adjusted from zero to rated power, and the transmission speed is continuously adjusted from zero for easy control. Improve working

conditions, save floor space, low operating temperature, low noise, and greatly improve working conditions. Wide range of applications, also suitable for a variety of foods, can dry a variety of materials. After drying, the color, aroma and taste remain essentially unchanged. It can also be used for drying, sterilizing, baking, heating, puffing, ripening, etc. of food, and can be used in one machine.

Food drying and disinfection equipment is sterilized by special thermal and non-thermal effects. It achieves the desired bactericidal effect at lower temperatures and in shorter times than conventional heat sterilization. Practice has shown that the general sterilization temperature can reach 75-80 °C. In addition, microwave processed foods can retain more nutrients and color, aroma, taste, shape and other flavors. For example, conventional heat treated vegetables retain 46-50% of vitamin C, while microwave treatment is 60-90%. Conventional heated pig liver vitamin A was maintained at 58%, while microwave heating was 84%.

The food drying and sterilizing equipment is simple in equipment and advanced in technology. Compared to conventional sterilization, boilers, complex piping systems, coal yards and transportation vehicles are not required as long as they have basic hydroelectric conditions. Short time and fast speed. Food drying and disinfection equipment transfers heat from the surface to the interior through heat conduction, convection or radiation. It takes a long time to reach the sterilization temperature. Food drying and disinfection equipment is a direct interaction between microwave energy and microorganisms such as food and bacteria. The combination of thermal and non-thermal effects enables rapid heating and disinfection, greatly reducing processing time. The bactericidal effect of various materials is generally 3-5 minutes.

The surface and interior of the food drying and disinfecting apparatus can be performed uniformly at the same time. Conventional heat sterilization begins at the surface of the material and is then transferred to the interior by heat transfer. There is a temperature difference between the inside and the outside. In order to maintain the flavor of the object and shorten the processing time, the internal temperature of the object is insufficient to affect the sterilization effect. Since the microwave has a penetrating effect when the object is treated as a whole, the surface and the inside act simultaneously, and the sterilization is uniform and thorough.

Information about the functions of the above food drying and sterilizing equipment was compiled and shared by Guanfeng Food Machinery Company. I hope to spread more knowledge to help you.

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