This will be a new minigame on runescape where you will be transported to the world

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Hello, (Freminnik Name). What can I do to help? For travel to Solar Isle, I must be approved. What do you plan to do there? Radimus Erkle has asked me to put a stop to "Great Evil". You are able to travel there OSRS Power Leveling, I believe. I will not allow you to damage my vessels. Brunndt provides you with an seal similar to the seal used for travel. Talk to Lokar who is the Sailor. Salute Sailor.

Many thanks (Freminnik name). What could you do to assist me in this time of security? Do you want to take me to Solar Isle? Sailor: I've been around you for a while now and I believe that you're strong enough to go on a journey. I require 3 pieces of swamptar as well as an item of cloth. Let me repair the ship.

The Sailor disappears onto the plank connecting the dock and the ship. Are you ready to leave? Absolutely! Let's sail! The Ship arrives at Solar Isle. Everything is fine! How did you arrive at Solar Isle? I'd like to be a part of your clan. To be a part of our tribe is more than just a positive mindset. Contact Cheif Savarain. He's located just north of here in an emerald pine cabin.

Take the mountain path to the hut. Outlander Your name! I'm (Freminnik name) I am from Relleka! These questions can help you know why you're not allowed to talk in this hut Cheap RS 2007 Fire Cape. You appear to have answered the question. You could be an outlander.

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