The job of a raider

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This is the most important aspect of OSRS Items your job. The job of a fisherman. A fisher's job is to catch food for fish fix leaks, and prepare fish. To fish, you must get a harpoon and harpoon out of a small window inside the wall. Sometimes, the wall may be broken and you may get caught by a boat of an enemy. 

There are shrimp, sharks and everything between. (you will only get fish that have the required cooking and fishing level, not higher) for leaks to be repaired, you must find the source around the leak to fix it, and sometimes you might fall in and injure yourself.

It's simple to cook. Simply move the pan to the oven. It will have to be rebuilt if it becomes wet.The icons are located in the upper right hand corner of the browser's right hand corner. They will tell you if the range is in dire need of coal or if it could be repaired. 

There is also an icon that shows the number of players who have lost their lives or jumped overboard. To heal your raiders and earn points, each time you cook or catch or cook a, you must drop it off at an eatery. Notably, you will get points for fixing leaks, fishing and cooking fish.

The job of a raider. The job of the raider is to raid the ship of the enemy, fill the cannon, and then raise or move the flags. Although it is challenging, raiding the vessel of an opponent can be very enjoyable. You could take their treasures or kill their crew members to buy OSRS Fire Cape boost your points. However, you must do the exact same thing to your vessel.

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