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PVP has become nothing ?

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asked Oct 18 in General by Wuyahong (1,410 points)

When I have all my supplies in hand and I am ready to flytch my 100kplus longbows. After that I will then high-alch my longbows. I'll be recognized for a job well done with 70+ mil plus three 99's. That is pretty good. I would like to know your thoughts on my goals. If it's a "In your mind's eye" goal or a "Your crazy mind", type of goal. Please leave your thoughts and my woodcutting level atm is at 96, which is a yews/hour ratio. I'm not sure how long it will take. Possibly in 4 months... I hope not.

This is the reason you should Start

Let me tell you about the numerous advantages of begging. Although it may not seem initially work, you will find that it is a useful tool once you get to know a decent guy/girl. Benefits: You don't get any new combat statistics through begging. You get variety and you won't get bored because you can beg anywhere.

I am confident that after 99 years, you will be typing with the highest level, have enough for turmoil, have enough money to buy an yak(not charms), probly even extremes and professional equipment. 99 mage is also included. You also have the option of choosing the amount you spend on your money. You could earn 42gp or leather boots if you are a high-level begger. Even if you're not a professional there is no have to be a top-ranking begger. The majority of your customers can give back massages if provided by experienced experts.

You can boost your cool factor by using a slayer helmet/ full black mask or slayer helmet. This can be very useful when you have to beg. Saving money on investment in German software companies, or costly skills such as prayer, can be a good thing.

Advantages: It takes a long time to earn money unless you choose to stalk which costs lots of abuse and beatings, but the effort is worth it. It is not a good idea to start getting lots until you can make use of sniffing out a religion kind of a person so that you can get access to their pockets of giving and use it for runes.

I've been wandering through Runescape over the last few days in a haze. What made RS so great in the past was the small guilds and associations which popped up with no Jagex. This thread is dedicated to them and hopefully can help them return to the numbers they once had fun.

World 66 Laws ~ This is among the oldest Member organisations around. The premise is simple. You bring your essense and they'll provide you with the laws and essense notated in exchange. Red robes are worn for official crafters. World 16 Airs This is freeplay, just like law running. All you have to do is give the crafters some Essense and they'll provide you with airs. World 132 Yanille Flackers These are the places where fletchers gather in peace, away from the banks. Does anyone know of more, where people simply meet to play in peace?

This is why you should boss

Here are the benefits of bossing. Although it's not a great idea at low levels, it can assist you in reaching a higher combat level. Benefits ---- from being bossy, you will gradually increase your bank values. It's great that you can get different drops and don't become bored. After bossing for some time I am sure that you will get enough chaos (maybe even 99), an yak(charms too) and possibly overloads, pro equipment, 99 mage and range deciding how you invest your cash.

You can earn riches from high-ranking people like the divine symbol, god wars items as well as va armor. you dont even have to have 96 herblore since the majority of teams need extremes and chaos, not overloads.

The bandos armour/ fire capeor chaos weapons increase your chances of getting killed and thrown into teams. They can also assist you to save money when it comes time to buy party caps. The effigies that bosses drop from them (ONLY SOLO'S) can help you save money when you apply them to expensive skills such as herblore. People who fear being bossed by their low levels can still do a lot for bosses, and they may even be able to earn a lot of money through the incredible lootshare system.

Disadvantages----Takes extremely long to see drops such as a sigil from corp or torva armour from nex and can get frustrating but the effort is well worth it. The best way to increase your chance of obtaining numerous drops is to obtain more requirements, like extremes and chaos weapons. Discuss the drawbacks and advantages of bossing.

I am level 129. I began playing RS one month prior to when RS2 was officially announced. Because I was in middleschool at the time, it was simple to locate the timing (days) to play RS. I didn't have any particular talents, I did well at school, played regular sports, and had excellent grades. There's only so much you could accomplish when you're young. Also, I was the first person in my region to have DSL. My 11-year old self was able to learn a lot about computers from the game.

I am not here to smother your face with nostalgia. In the last year RS has released a plethora of updates that are high-level: turmoil (which I hate) chaos weapons, godwars, nex, corp, and all sorts of junk. The requirements don't bother me but there are a few other things I don't have but if I had time to play more, I admit I would certainly have them.

The community is what has made RuneScape so much more enjoyable. In the last 3 years since PKing was eliminated and the majority of older players who were members of clans with large numbers have grown up. The new era is here and there's no going back. The addition of wilderness to your game won't make anything better. The PVP community, I have to say, is now a nightmare for competitive players.

PVP has become nothing but a trade of insults about x then an excuse to x. It's hard to locate PVM groups that aren’t an LS-mass group for me, since I don't play enough to possess an unruly weapon or 160M to purchase chaos.

I'm not blatantly insulting anyone, if anything I'm being a woman about this stuff. However, I believe that people are becoming more serious about runningescape over the last three or four years. I have nothing against anyone. I've played for longer than the majority of players and have met some cool 09ers.
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