I'm mindful of the cost associated with running a revive of Runescape

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asked Feb 8 in Others by Nfkjasfas (1,230 points)

Your prestige is the number of floors you complete prior to pressing"Reset button. If you're lv99 and have completed 50 floors, you'll get 50 prestige RS Gold. If you can only complete 20 out of those 50 before resetting, you only have 20 prestige.

Always reset after you've completed every floor that you are able to. It's now very simple to get rid of floors that are less than by repeating floors higher. What do you mean by saying that if I complete the most difficult floor in reset, it will mark off a floor? I'm thinking so... I'm working on floor 12 at the moment and looking it up.

Do you have a response to this leaf? Really? And if I did... until 25 (which I did) and then set it back... I'm still able to do 25, or so and get prestige xp until I get back to 25 for 25 levels? Then why do others keep getting upset? I keep getting presitge xp from doing the same exercise until I am 25?

Do you have a formula to calculate prestige? I received 4000, then 2500 and then 3500. Why are they all different? I got 4k prestige for doing F12, something I wasn't even close to. And f5 got ticked off! :D good news for me.

We'll see if I can keep earning more prestige points by doing the same job. It's a good thing. I can reset and do like f25 for max xp. Is that right Old School RuneScape Gold? Then... what is the method by which they determine the prestige? A formula? Everything I want to know.

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