Doing Public Georgia Divorce Records

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<center><img src="" width="450" /></center><br /><br />One cannot deny that <a href="">Dekalb County Court Records</a> divorce is now common among couples who are not satisfied with their partners. Because of the increasing number of divorce in the country, the Freedom of Information Act mandated to have the divorce records be available to the public. The state of Georgia is among the state included in the act. Georgia Divorce records are maintained by the Vital Records Office.<br /><br />The divorce certificates are used by the citizens of the Georgia for several reasons. Many use it to check the background of the person they are with. The divorce record indicates the reason behind the separation. With the results of the search, it can help you in your decision whether to stay with the person or not. Others also use the divorce record for genealogy purposes. Some employers also check these records when screening their applicants. Additionally, it helps locate the biological parents of an adopted child.<br /><br />Information about the couple who got legally separated is included in the record. Such information includes the full name, phone number and address indicated on the record. Other important details about the divorce are also included in the document, such as the reason for separation, custody if there is any, alimony and more.<br /><br />When requesting for divorce certificates in the state of Georgia, one has to be aware of several guidelines to have a smooth retrieval of the record. One has to indicate the date of the divorce when retrieving information about the separation. Details such as the name or alias of the person in search can help in the retrieval process. One also has to include   the county where the divorce has been granted and the reason for requesting for the document. Your relationship to the name on the file will also be questioned, so might as well indicate it on the request form. A $2 fee will be needed for the certification of the record and a $0.50 fee per page will be required.<br /><br />Divorce certificates can be retrieved at the state's church records. It can also be looked up at the family history book of the local county. In Georgia, the state's vital Records office keeps the divorce records. The documents that are kept by the office are dated since June 19, 1952. The internet is one easy way to get a copy of the divorce certificate today.<br /><br />With the advancement of technology, the retrieval of the divorce records has been easy. The internet offers the retrieval of free divorce records faster and more convenient than the traditional manner. There are websites that offer to retrieve the divorce record for a certain fee. These websites are linked to several databases in order to provide the information needed.

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